Sundara Handwashing Systems from Just Manufacturing

Optimize the Restroom Flow and Design

Influenced by architects and crafted by audacious industrial designers, we’ve unified seamless countertops, basins, faucets, and soap dispensers for a modern concept that elevates the restroom experience.

Behold the balance of brawn, brains and beauty.

The Strength of Simplicty

Sundara’s performance stems from a system that streamlines the restroom ecosystem through a single-source manufacturer. Because Zurn develops all of Sundara’s fixture components, we are able to reduce installation time, increase effectiveness, and maintain reliability.

More Input for a Better Output

Sundara is the culmination of more than 10,000 research hours, 150 architect interviews, and 26 trial prototypes. We asked questions, learned lessons, and put that knowledge to work. The result? The most user-friendly, design-forward hand washing product on the market today.

Reimagining the Restroom

Sundara enables designers to breathe new life into a space that is often overlooked. Its modern lines, minimalistic drains, fashionable faucets, sophisticated soap dispensers, and refined ergonomic features deliver charming – yet useful –touches.

Decisions of Distinction

The Sundara handwashing system reinvents the commercial restroom space with a selection of innovative designs combinable with a curated selection of sensor faucets and soap dispensers. There are plenty of options available – seven colors, two finish options – that allow you to create your own look.

Sundara Material Sundara Material Sundara Material Sundara Material Sundara Material Sundara Material Sundara Material
White Snow Sea Shell Alluvium Sand Storm Highcliffe Frost

Collaboration Comes in Many Forms

Choose from faucets and soap dispensers to create the perfect pairing. You also have options in flow rate, configuration and two finish options.

Polished chrome Brushed nickel
Polished Chrome Brushed Nickel
Aqua Fulmer



Serio Series ™
Sensor Faucet and Soap Dispenser
Fulmer Series ™
Sensor Faucet and Soap Dispenser 
Functionality does not fall short on elevated style with Serio. High performance through a contemporary, low maintenance faucet. The streamlined look complements practically any environment without compromise. Available in multiple flow rates, finishes and power configurations.

The soap dispenser’s touchless sensor only takes a gentle wave, rounding off Serio’s effortless appeal. With two finishes and a refillable liquid soap container, you get your fill of options.

Pairs well with all solid surface units
Create a moment of pause in a high traffic environment. Fulmer delivers graceful refinement that won’t fade into the background or over time. Available in multiple finishes, flow rates, and power configurations, you will have  options at your fingertips.

This sensor liquid soap dispenser fills from the top for convenient maintenance. Pairs best with Reef and Inlet solid surface units.

Cumberland Camaya



Cumberland Series ™
Sensor Faucet and Soap Dispenser
Camaya Series ™
Sensor Faucet and Soap Dispenser
Timeless really can impress. Cumberland adds elegance without an expiration date on its aesthetics. Its smooth curves and seamless body make it easy to clean, enhancing the appeal. Available in multiple finishes, accessories and flow rates.

Equally as smooth in appearance and operation, the soap dispenser completes the pairing. Select from three finishes. Battery operated.

Pairs well with all solid surface units
Stand out from standard. From clean lines to an even cleaner environment, Camaya makes a minimalist move seem like a grand gesture. With its hygienic hands-free operation, it checks all of the boxes for a sophisticated restroom environment. Available multiple finishes, accessories and flow rates.

The soap dispenser is just as novel as its faucet counterpart. Select from four finishes.
6955-XL Nachi



Aqua-FIT ™
Sensor Faucet
Nachi Series ™
Sensor Faucet and Soap Dispenser 
Provides a high level of functionality and customizability in a beautiful, streamlined design. Available in multiple flow rates and power configurations.

Streamlined design with concealed sensor lens.

Customizable features: time-outs, line purge, sensor range, metering mode

No frills. No fuss. Sleek and simple never looked so good or worked so well. Nachi’s wall-mount design commands the space without monopolizing it. It is easy on the eyes and even easier to maintain. With multiple finishes and low flow performance, you will leave your personal touch, not a large footprint.

The sensor liquid soap dispenser creates a clean look that matches the Sundara Drift basin.

  • Stainless Armor Series

    Stainless Armor Series

    16 Gauge

    Heavy duty 16 gauge type 304 SS industrial grade stainless self-rimming and under-mount fixtures

  • Made in the U.S.A

    Stainless Steel Products Made in USA


    Secure your stainless steel sink specifications with Just Manufacturing “Made in USA” plumbing products produced from USA Mill Certified stainless steel.

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    Building Information Modeling for Just products

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    Just Manufacturing is now your source for Building Information Modeling

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    Opportunity for Incidence

    Smart planning, sturdy materials and a watchful eye go a long way toward controlling operating costs and preserving the dignity of the educational environment.

  • Environment

    Just Manufacturing’s Commitment to GREEN Awareness

    Just Manufacturing’s Commitment to GREEN Awareness

    In-plant production as well as inbound raw materials and packaging are factored in to our GREEN planning recycling efforts.

  • Lead Free

    Certified Lead-Free Products

    Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act

    Just Manufacturing offers a comprehensive line of commercial Lead-Free products that comply with the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act.

  • Integra Flow

    Integra Flow System to Reduce Flooding Incidents

    The Integra Flow System

    Secure your specifications with the Just Integra Flow Overflow

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    95%+ off-the-shelf delivery; Just Manufacturing is your partner for Just-in-Time inventory management.

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