Reducing School Vandalism by Minimizing the Opportunity for Incidence with Overflow Resistant Sinks

Smart planning, sturdy materials and a watchful eye go a long way toward controlling operating costs and preserving the dignity of the educational environment.

The Problem: Vandalism is a persistent problem that’s not going away.

classroomMillions of dollars are lost every year in U.S. schools due to vandalism. One study shows that nearly 60 percent of all schools in the U.S. reported at least one major act of vandalism last year. Experts agree that most vandalism is not even reported by schools to protect themselves against an increase in insurance rates.

Acts of vandalism in the classroom senselessly disrupt the lives of students, teachers, building engineers and administrators who have to deal with the messy and sometimes hazardous aftermath. Repeated occurrences of this behavior can quickly drain maintenance and repair budgets, particularly when plumbing is involved. Water damage goes beyond the cost of fixture replacement to include flooring, walls, computers, books and electrical circuitry; sometimes posing a threat to the health and safety of the students.

The implementation of effective security measures, including strategic architectural planning and the specification and installation of vandal-resistant products, goes a long way toward curtailing the behavior.

Plumbing – an easy target.

Plumbing fixtures are the most common targets of school vandals. Vandals often lash out at their schools by tampering with or destroying classroom sinks, faucets, and drinking fountains. By breaking off spouts, jimmying faucet handles, cracking sink basins, twisting bubbler heads and plugging drains, they inflict significant water damage to classroom counters, floors, and nearby educational materials.

Minimizing the opportunity for abuse.

drinking fountainIt’s a fact: plumbing fixtures (and all school property) hidden from the watchful eye of an instructor are more prone to destruction. Whenever possible, sinks, faucets, and bubblers should be installed or moved to places in plain view of teachers or other classmates.

Water coolers and drinking fountains provide easy access for vandals to grab and rip fixtures from their shaky foundations. Consider installing or retrofitting with seamlessly die drawn stainless-steel sinks into sturdy classroom countertops. vandal-resistant ADA compliant sink-faucet-bubbler-drain packages are a sound alternative to help eliminate the opportunity for individuals to vandalize plumbing fixtures.

The Solution: Vandal-resistant fixtures – Just for you.

Repositioning a sink or drinking fountain is not always economically feasible or practical. Specifying commercial-grade plumbing fixtures designed to withstand heavy use and abuse has proven to be a reasonable, money-saving strategy. This approach may cost more initially, but will save you money and headaches in the long run.

Just Manufacturing is a leading producer of vandal-resistant classroom sinks, faucets, bubblers, and related commercial grade plumbing fixtures for institutional applications. Heavy-gauge, ADA compliant self rimming sinks, produced with 18 gauge type 304 stainless steel, are corrosion- and dent-resistant with a durable satin finish. ADA compliant, ergonomic functioning and durable type 304 stainless steel faucets and bubblers are further reasons why Just’s vandal-resistant plumbing fixtures and fittings are a standard for school districts throughout the U.S.


VRLJust Manufacturing ADA-compliant series 18-gauge stainless-steel sinks are available with the VRL reinforced ledge feature. The VRL reinforced ledge feature for faucet and bubbler ledges provides additional protection against vandalism. The 12-gauge ledge thickness is a Just exclusive.

Integra FlowIntegra Flow System Sinks.

As an additional line of defense against vandalism, the new Integra-Flow system sink is especially effective in academic settings. The Integra-Flow system helps prevent sink overflow incidents and potential multi-level flooding. Available in standard versions and ADA compliant models, the Integra-Flow system sink provides an added measure of security.

Faucets — 100% Stainless Steel.

faucet100% cast stainless steel body, pipe-spout, cast handle, and quarter turn ceramic disk cartridge add extra durability to the Academic Series of faucets from Just. Completely vandal-resistant and lead free, the JSFVR-5 faucet is ADA compliant and exceeds today's harsh academic environment needs. An integral vandal resistant keyed aerator is easily serviceable with a proprietary faucet wrench. Supplied with anti-rotation pin. This all-stainless package is a first in the academic market and available in pre-existing model packages.

Bubblers — 100% Stainless Steel.

The brawny, low-profile design of the Just stainless steel classroom sink bubbler series is ideal for everyday heavy-use environments. The heavy-duty type 304 stainless-steel construction with highly buffed finish resists scratching. The vandal-resistant anti-rotation pin helps prevent turning, providing further protection. The solid push-button dispensing mechanism of the JSB-10-VR-FLX bubbler gives additional protection against pulling or jamming in the on position.

Products like vandal-resistant drain systems and vandal-resistant soap dispensers complete Just’s well-rounded line of 100% stainless steel packages. These complete packages offer the highest degree of durability and defense against vandalism, while still offering ADA compliant and LEAD FREE features.

Benefits of vandal-resistant plumbing fixtures 

  • Minimized classroom disruptions mean an enhanced learning environment.
  • Short-term expense translates into a long-term savings. Maintenance crews save time and their repair budgets.
  • Reduced water consumption. Minimizing the occurrence of leaking and broken fixtures conserves water and protects the surrounding environment from damage.
  • Peace of mind. Relax knowing that you’ve made the right choice.

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