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sink cleaningEco-friendly Tips for Taking Care of Your Stainless Steel Sink!

Stainless steel needs to be cleaned for aesthetic considerations and to preserve corrosion resistance If your “perfect looking” stainless steel sink has lost the pristine look and sparkle that it once had, and is now looking a bit dingy, there are some eco-friendly materials that you may already have in your kitchen that make restoring the shine an easy task.

Maintaining the beauty of Stainless Steel, the eco-friendly way…

Follow these few simple steps, and your stainless steel sinks will retain their original beauty for years to come.

  • Rinsing the surface with warm water after each use is sufficient for general day to day care of your stainless steel sink.
  • If the sink requires additional cleaning, use a mild non-scratching abrasive powder like baking soda. Sprinkle the entire sink with it and use a soft sponge, always scrub in the direction of the polish lines so that your efforts blend with the surface of your sink Baking soda softly cleans without scratching stainless steel.
  • Use vinegar to rinse the baking soda or non-scratching abrasive powder, which will bubble and fizz. Vinegar naturally disinfects while helping remove hard water stains from your stainless steel sink.
  • To tackle tougher stains like rust, mix a few teaspoons of cream of tartar with a some lemon juice (you can also use hydrogen peroxide) to make a paste. Apply it to the stain; let it sit for a little bit, and then rub it clean. Wash and dry the sink.
  • Final cleaning should always be followed by rinsing the sink in clean hot water.
  • Don't forget to clean the outside of the sink, too.
  • Wipe off the faucet itself.
  • When water contains mineral solids, which leave water spots, it is advisable to dab instead of rub the surface completely with dry towels.

Looking For That Extra Sparkle?

  • When the look you’re after is a gleaming finish, use flour powder to polish your sink. Apply dry flour, rub the flour in with a soft cloth, and then rinse and dry.
  • Club soda will do the sparkle trick as well. After placing the stopper in your sink, pour some club soda in and rub with a soft cloth. As always, dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spots and surface rust.
  • Another trick is to use a lemon or orange peel, simply rub the skin against the stainless steel surface. This will help the sink keep the shine as well as deodorizing the sink.
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