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Specifying ADA Compliant Sinks


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), has had a positive impact on the quality of life for millions of people. Developed around the Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines (ADAAG) to provide those who are physically challenged access to public facilities, it has also helped private living spaces by making compliant materials more available.

Plumbing fixtures, when properly sized for accessibility, simplify the daily tasks. In public buildings, the ADA guidelines specify minimum requirements intended to make the areas accessible to all. Generally exempted from the requirements, single family homes, condos, private or executive offices benefit from the requirements when the effect on longer term occupants and elderly are considered. The additional specifications found for wheelchair maneuverability, reaching for shelves or approaching appliances, ADA guidelines are a great resource.

Knee clearance is one of the most recognized requirements in accessible planning. Planning these spaces with the required 27” knee space and counters at 34” above the finished floor for adults (31” for children 6 to 12), is easy when looking at the complete Just line. However, when using solid surface materials, the material thickness plays an important role by reducing the allowable undermount sink depth by an equal amount. As an example, a solid surface countertop, 1” thick, an undermount sink would have a maximum depth of 6”. Even if the counter is designed to be adjustable by the user and requires 29” knee clearance, Just sinks provide that flexibility.

Just Manufacturing (Franklin Park, IL) offers the most extensive line of American made, stainless steel ADA Compliant sinks for every day, commercial, academic, assisted living and residential applications. These sinks, with a range of depth availability from 4-1/2” to 6-1/2” to make their use more comfortable and easier to use for people with disabilities or limited mobility. The various depths available with the ability to specify the drain locations (centered, center rear, left rear or right rear) allow design professional greater flexibility in designing spaces.

Split-level sink designs with varying sink depths in a multi-bowl unit are an option, provided that appropriate clear floor space is provided. For multi-bowl sinks ADA requires that only one bowl be compliant with Section 306 in providing knee and toe clearances. Just Manufacturing offers various solutions that include all compartments that are ADA-compliant or where one compartment is a deeper sink.

Hot water and drain pipes under sinks and lavatories must be insulated or otherwise configured to protect against contact. There can be no sharp or abrasive surfaces under sink bowls. Every Just sink is fully undercoated to reduce sink noise, condensation and as an added protection against sharp or abrasive surfaces.

Faucets must be easy to use, lever-operated, or push-to-touch with one hand without needing to tightly grasp, pinch or twist. Accessibility guidelines further require less than 5 lbs. exertion to operate the faucet in order to comply with ADA regulations. Just offers the popular Enviro Series of touch-less electronic sensor faucets and lever handled faucets that meet ADA requirements, an added benefit of Sensor faucets is that they provide the ability of reducing possible sink overflow accidents.

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