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digital timersDigital Timer Options for Just Surgeons Scrub Sinks

Surgeon Scrub Sinks are usually located in the operating suite in a hospital. to enable personnel to scrub their hands prior to a surgical procedure; the hot and cold water supply is activated by a knee-action mixing valve or by wrist or pedal control.

Just Manufacturing (Franklin Park, IL) introduces NEW DIGITAL TIMER options to their 770 Series Surgeons Scrub Sinks.

Stainless steel scrub sinks are essential for maintaining infection control in healthcare facilities. Due to their sanitary benefits, durability and design versatility, Just Manufacturing’s 770 Series Surgeons Scrub Sinks are an obvious choice for health care and hospital installations.

DT series timers are available on all 770 series scrub sinks. The timer features is automatically started with the faucet, on both knee activated and electronic sensor 770 Series sinks. The timer features an easy to read LCD display, 10 year battery life, elapsed time auto reset, and a stainless steel housing. Model DTC also features time cycle selection for pre-programmed scrub times of 3, 5 or 10 minutes.

Not all scrub sinks are not of equal quality. The Just 770 Series Surgeons Scrub Sinks are far better at containing the water in the sink, which avoids a wet and slippery floor. The 770 Series Sinks are made in the USA in two distinct varieties: from 100% sustainably sourced 16 gauge type 304, 18-8 stainless steel, or with CuVerro® antimicrobial copper-nickel alloy internal sink surfaces and top ledge on our 16 gauge type 304, 18-8 stainless steel enclosure and chassis. They are “turn-key” wall hung systems which are delivered pre-piped for easy connection to hot and cold water supplies, feature a thermostatic mixing valve, and include a chrome plated P-trap.

The complete line includes single, double and triple station designs.

Just Manufacturing has been producing quality plumbing products in the Northern Illinois area for over 80 years. Their reputation for quality and durability spans a broad product line of commercial and institutional applications.

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