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The 30° ADA Compliant Enclosure Series


(Franklin Park, IL) Just Manufacturing’s newly updated 30° ADA Enviro Series “hands free” lavatory systems with Full Enclosure provide a more appealing look and lasting performance in high-use public lavatories in academic facilities, office buildings, restaurants or other public restroom environments.

The 30° ADA Compliant Enclosure Series from Just feature wall hung stainless steel lavatory sinks with tapered fronts that provide greater ADA compliant accessibility.

The system comes with a complete restroom hands free hygienic product package, including: a space efficient sensor-activated faucet, mechanical or thermostatic mixing valve, ADA compliant drain with offset tailpiece, surface-mounted ADA compliant sensor-activated hand dryer, stainless steel sensor-activated soap dispenser and a stainless steel wall-panel splatter guard.

All drains are off center from faucet water stream to prevent aerosolization of pathogens.

All 30° Enviro Series sinks are seamlessly fabricated of 16 gauge, Type 304 stainless steel. Interior and top surfaces are polished to a satin blended No. 4 finish for a durable and attractive appearance.

The hard metallic surface of Type 304 stainless steel resists the growth of bacteria, mold and microorganisms, making it the first choice when strict hygienic conditions are required, such as healthcare environments. Conservation conscious facility managers appreciate the sensor-activated accessories because they help to conserve water, energy and soap. It is also worth noting that Just Enviro Series sinks are manufactured out of 90% recycled product content.

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