Armor Series Integra Drain Sinks from Just Manufacturing

16 Gauge Type 304 Stainless Steel Armor Series Sinks with the Integra Drain Feature

Commerical Stainless Steel Sinks Made in USA

Our 16 Gauge Heavy-Duty Stainless Armor Sink Series is now even better.

We have combined our new Integra Drain feature, with our Heavy-Duty 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Armor sinks.

Superior toughness meets integrated drain design. Our industry-leading product design makes this series a must-have component for any commercial or residential environment.

Heavy Duty Stainless Armor Series Integra Drain Sinks

Heavy-duty stainless Armor series sinks with the Integra Drain feature seamlessly die-drawn, 16 gauge, Type 304 stainless steel sinks.

  1. Market surveys have indicated that there is a strong trend among specifying engineers to modify existing 18 gauge sizing to 16 gauge when appropriate.
  2. A broad array of product selection sets this line apart. Just is the only manufacturer to offer numerous models of Industrial Grade Stainless Armor Sinks.
  3. The need for seamlessly die drawn, heavy duty, industrial grade stainless steel drop-in and undermount sinks products that are corrosion rsistant, impact resistant, heat and fire resistant is apparent in high-use environments.

The Stainless Armor with Integra Drain Feature include:

  1. Hygenic seamless design
  2. Seamlessly welded to our 16 gauge stainless steel sinks
  3. Reduced installation time
  4. An interal drain-sink system without additional parts or rings
  5. Reduced risk of potential leaks
  6. Includes strainer and tailpiece

The Stainless Armor product offering is ideal for Heavy-Duy commercial work environments for use:

  1. Cleanroom
  2. Classroom
  3. Industrial Facilites
  4. Laboratories

As with all of our other models, online product support for the "Stainless Armor" series includes spec sheets and product detail screens.  Available files include PDF, AutoCAD and BIM file formats.

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