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Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink from Just Manufacturing

Our double compartment stainless steel sinks and stainless steel double bowl sinks have been the preferred choice of architects, designers and specifying engineers since 1933.

(Click here for a case study on the benefits of vandal-resistant plumbing fixtures)

Just Manufacturing uses 18-8 type 304 certified USA milled stainless steel to produce the best stainless steel sinks available. The quality of craftsmanship is shown in the hand blended finish. Another sign of quality is that the under side of the stainless steel sinks are thoroughly sound deadened to ensure proper insulation and to reduce condensation.

All Just Manufacturing's sinks are Made in America and each sink is made out of recycled stainless steel to provide the greenest product possible. In addition, each fixture is certified for ARRA project work specifications.

The broad product line of Just Manufacturing stainless steel sinks is complimented with a deep selection of faucets, bubblers and other accessories. Some models allowing for complete "hands free" sensor packages:

  • The only 100% stainless steel sink package available in the marketplace

  • Our Integra-Flow overflow, vandal-resistant faucet and bubbler ledges are an industry first

Learn more about when and how to wash your hands from the CDC.

Our commercial grade sinks and plumbing fixtures exemplify our ongoing commitment to product development, and now the same great quality is available to residential market kitchen and bath designers, interior designers and residential architects.

A double bowl sink is the most common sink configuration in use today. You can either have two bowls of the same size or one can be larger than the other. The double bowl system allows more than one person to be at the sink, and also allows you to multi-task.

When considering a sink with two bowls, the standard 2-bowl, equal-sized sink may or may not be the right choice for you. Today the sink can better match the need as there are many new sinks on the market that divide the space quite differently, (60/40 and 75/25).

Didn't find the double bowl sink that you were looking for above?

Residential and commercial grade stainless steel sinks and plumbing fixtures that offer flexible spec sink solutions and the broadest product offering in the industry including:

Single bowl

Triple bowl

Apron / Farmhouse


Double Deep

Undermount bowls

Stainless steel drainboard sink

ADA bathroom vanity

Surgeon scrub

Clinical Handwash Stations

Medical sinks

90% Recycled Product Content

In-plant production as well as, inbound Raw materials and Packaging are factored in to our GREEN planning recycling efforts.

  • The laundry sink/plumbing fixture production process includes type 304 and 316 steel. 75 to 80% of the ingredients used for newly melted stainless coils delivered to Just Mfg are of recycled scrap. Our mill source is located approx 330 miles from our facility.
  • In-plant, scrap stainless byproduct is accumulated daily and picked up weekly by our contracted scrap hauler. This raw material is ultimately recycled into new metal on the mill level.
  • Cans, bottles and paper from packaged foods and inbound corrugated packaging are recycled as well. Recycling materials are accumulated at collection points on the shop floor
Worldwide, industry counts on Just Manufacturing. You can be assured that service and reliability have been and will always be a Just constant!

An ounce of prevention ...

Forget the pound of cure. Stainless steel double sinks can be easily kept stain-free with these simple steps:

  • Since most soaps and detergents contain chlorides, Just recommends frequent rinsing of your sink, preferably after each use.
  • Combine this simple daily treatment with a weekly cleansing with an abrasive cleaner, ideally Bon-Ami or Zud. Unlike porcelain sinks, durable stainless steel stands up strongly to abrasive cleansers. Remember always to scrub in the direction of the polish lines so that your efforts blend with the surface of your sink. For a less aggressive approach, try cleaning your stainless steel sink with a paste of baking soda and water. Rinse well and dry. Regularly drying your sink works wonders to prevent water and surface rust marks.
  • Looking for that extra sparkle? Use flour power to polish your stainless steel sink by applying dry flour when the look you are after is a gleaming finish. Rub the flour in with a soft cloth, and then rinse and dry.
  • Club soda will do the sparkle trick as well. After placing the stopper in your sink, pour some club soda in and rub with a soft cloth. As always, dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spots and surface rust.
  • Add some shine with a few drops of baby oil. Wipe off with paper toweling and repeat for added shine.



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